A New Prototype!

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A further style of prototype has now been manufactured and has been successfully tested to withstand the greater water pressure imposed upon toilets situated within basements. The construction of this further type employs a sturdy turnbuckle in the centre of the bung supporting arm. When this is rotated it either lengthens or shortens the toilet stopper so that it may provide a firm restriction against any pressure applied on the bung due to backflow of sewage from the sewer system and may also be easily removed from the toilet.

As with the previous spring-loaded unit, the turnbuckle option may be installed using just one hand and contact with the residual water within the lavatory bowl is avoided. Once again this toilet stopper does not require inflation, and will therefore not be subject to a user being unable to block their toilet due to the absence of the cycle pump (provided by other stopper supply companies) as the pump may have been taken away for repairing bicycles.

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