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The Toilet Stopper is a standby product specifically intended for use only when a flood situation occurs or is expected, primarily for properties that lie within a floodplain or located near seafronts where fluvial flooding is known to occur. When a flood warning has been issued or when floodwater is seen to be rising outside, the Toilet Stopper would then be brought out of its storage point, (near to the toilet), and inserted to provide protection against the introduction of raw sewage from reverse-flowing via the sewer system and toilet due to pipeline back-pressure.

As this one-piece unit can be fitted almost instantly, the Toilet Stopper will provide the property’s occupants with a high level of confidence that obnoxious human waste will not be spread around their ground-floor or basement rooms.

In areas where flooding is known to occur, (and flooding is possibly expected), the Toilet Stopper could be fitted before one leaves to go to work or a property is vacated, perhaps to go on holiday.

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