Product Illustration

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Product Illustration

The artist’s depiction of the Toilet Stopper shows three pictures which are merged together within one frame.

Essentially the illustrations each show the Toilet Stopper installed within the toilet bowl such that the lower end’s deformable, watertight bung (shown black), seals the toilet outlet, whilst the upper end (shown blue), is affixed underneath the rim of the ceramic bowl.

The advantage of this proposal is that unlike as with other toilet bungs that require the user to push them into the soil outlet, this unit does NOT involve a person having to insert their hands under the unhygienic toilet water. (Of necessity water always remains within the pan)

The other major difference with this construction is that the use of a pump to inflate such bungs is NOT required, thus eliminating the possibility of the essential pump not working, or having been taken away, (perhaps to inflate cycle tyres).

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