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What do Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers do?

Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers provide a quick and effective means of protecting properties during flood conditions from the destructive effects of contaminated foul water carrying human excrement into buildings via floor level or basement toilets.

How do Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers do it?

With reference to the accompanying Line Drawings and Colour Illustration, it can be seen that Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers essentially comprise a pliable, resilient and fluid impervious ball mounted on an extending shaft.

Fitting and removal of the Flood Toilet Sewage Stopper can be carried out without gloves as the disposable cover’s upper end is well above the water level within the toilet and can therefore be removed without hands contacting the contaminated lower portion of the cover.

The use of the disposable cover also prevents the Flood Toilet Sewage Stopper itself, from coming into contact with sewage or toilet water.

In operation, the ball end of the Flood Toilet Sewage Stopper is manually wedged into the entrance of the toilet’s u-bend and the extending, screw action or spring-loaded telescopic handle is rigidly positioned under the rim of the toilet bowl (see Line Drawings). This provides an impassable blockage to any pressurised back-flowing liquids and solids, thus preventing any contaminating materials from surging into the toilet bowl and overflowing into buildings thus causing a serious health hazard and the necessity of an arduous, expensive and prolonged clean-up operation.

These simple, small, inexpensive hand-applied devices can easily be stored close to the toilet to be fitted within seconds of an impending emergency.