Website Goes Live!

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Website Goes Live!

We felt that a worldwide opportunity as unique as this should have a shiny new website to showcase this extremely reliable invention that excels in its simplicity. This Toilet Stopper:

1/ will be easy to manufacture and cheap to produce.

2/ will be environmentally friendly as it avoids sewage fouling homes and businesses.

3/ will secure a large global market that will be eager to buy.

4/ is very easy to fit and remove and therefore will be user-friendly.

5/ is suitable for manufacture from recycled plastic material, thereby improving the environment.

6/ benefits from professionally prepared patent protection via a licensing agency in conjunction with experienced patent lawyers. (It has not been written by a lone crackpot inventor).

We welcome you to have a look around and learn more about what is on offer here.


  1. Billy Moody | September 6th 2012

    When and where can I buy one of these stoppers?? Thanks

  2. admin | September 6th 2012

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