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Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers are an exciting new product innovation, designed to cheaply allow D.I.Y. self installation to protect buildings from the destructive effects of contaminated foul water carrying human excrement into buildings via floor level or basement toilets which frequently happens when local flooding occurs.

Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers can be kept readily available, (close to a toilet) for instant deployment by a person whenever the building is perceived to be in danger from flooding.

Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers, are a means of rapidly plugging downstairs toilets to prevent back-flowing contaminated water entering the premises. This simple, yet effective flood defence measure provides the property owner/occupier considerable protection from the devastating effects of human waste causing properties to become unfit for human habitation and thereby preventing the unbearable inconvenience and extensive costs of occupiers requiring re-location, whilst properties are thoroughly decontaminated. Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers will therefore provide peace of mind during severe weather conditions.

N.B. Advice should be given to the consumer on the packaging that this product should be used in conjunction with in-expensive non-return valves on other small bore pipes such as sinks, shower trays and baths etc. (These could be offered as additional point of sale products to generate extra revenue).

Key selling features

Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers have unique advantages over existing methods of toilet back-flow protection such as:

1) Contamination of the sealing ball is prevented by the inclusion of disposable covers.

2) The user does not have to get their hands dirty nor wear gloves to use this product.

3) To fit or remove Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers no additional items are needed as occurs with rival products that require the inflation of seals, such as cycle pumps, adapters and connectors.

4) Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers are rigidly fitted so there is no scope for failure due to bad fitting.

5) Flood Toilet Sewage Stoppers also don’t rely on inflation. (Inflating rival products may fail if rubber parts are punctured, cycle pumps malfunction, or are misplaced and therefore are not available).

The rigid fitting of the Flood Toilet Sewage Stopper gives the user absolute visual assurance of their effectiveness.

Marketing considerations

It is estimated that property, land and assets to the value of £214 billion are at risk of flooding in England and Wales. It is therefore unsurprising that the damage bill from the devastating floods of 2007 cost insurers in excess of £3 billion (Source: ABI). The rising cost of insuring properties against flood damage is becoming prohibitive for many consumers, meaning they are now seeking alternative ways to protect their assets in the event of impending catastrophe.

Many insurance companies are simply refusing even to consider the provision of cover at any cost for properties within flood prone areas.